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Meet Eva Makk

Of Hungarian noble lineage, born in Ethiopia on her parentsí coffee plantation, Eva met her husband, Americo, in postwar Rome while both of them were studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts. Together they went to Brazil and started their work of murals for various cathedrals and government buildings. In the cathedral of Manaus, Brazil, (Below) they painted the largest single-theme painting in the world, a 261 square yard depiction of the Coronation of the Virgin. Eventually they moved to the States, and within their first year in the States, they were recipients of the prestigious American Ecclesiastical Award for their murals in churches in Dayton, Ohio and Cornwall, N.Y. Eventually they settled in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Top right is an example of her work and its value: her 36" x 24" serigraph entitled, Woods, $3850.00.

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